About the project

Stirchley Open Cinema was developed in 2018 by a small group of people living in Stirchley and surrounding areas who believe that film is a great way to bring people together and build community.

We believe that anyone can put on their own film event with a little bit of help! Stirchley Open Cinema has evolved from the idea that if armed with the right knowledge, resources, and a helping hand to get you started, people living locally will have the tools to run film events for themselves; to bring together their neighbours and groups of people who share similar interests or needs; to build stronger community networks and enjoy the magic of the movies together.

Local Innovation Funding from Birmingham City Council has helped Stirchley Open Cinema get off the ground; providing the funding to access training, develop free marketing resources, a website, run a variety of pilot events, sign up to film-related memberships and commission this free detailed step-by step guidance, which everyone is welcome to learn from.

Stirchley Open Cinema is supported by a few friendly community volunteers working behind the scenes and our capacity is very limited.

Our Purpose

Stirchley Open Cinema is run by members of the community, offering a resource which is freely available for people who want to put on films for the benefit of Stirchley and our neighbours. Our home is at Stirchley Baths.

You do not have to use Stirchley Open Cinema resources to run your own film events in Stirchley. Far from it! However, if you decide it suits you to collaborate, we may be able to add value.

As a group of individuals, we are passionate about community and how films can bring people together. Our purpose is to help make it a bit easier for people to create their own community cinema experiences in the area to benefit the people who live here.

Thank you to Flatpack and Film Hub West Midlands for all your helpful advice and support.

What’s next?

We are developing a ‘How to set up your own film events’ guide with specific focus on community cinema experiences in Stirchley, primarily at Stirchley Baths, but will be useful for anyone interested in setting up their own film night, wherever you live.

We are writing this guide to share our experiences and knowledge we acquire, but the guidance will evolve as we learn more!

We will add these resources to the website in late spring 2019 after our pilot events.