Putting on a community film night is great fun! We need volunteers every screening to help the events run smoothly. Can you help us (and watch the film, of course!)?

We need help at the event:

  • Putting out the chairs

  • Checking and selling tickets

  • Selling or helping with refreshments

  • Welcoming everyone, meet and greet (to cover different doors)

  • Cleaning and packing up (including hoovering up the popcorn!)

put on your own film event

Have you got an idea for a public film event and want to have a go at organising one? We can offer practical advice.

We are currently preparing some written guidance on ‘How to set up your own film event’, with a specific focus on community cinema in Stirchley.

Please get in touch if you have a great film choice or audience in mind and we’d be happy to share our own experiences to help you get started.

We are also open to ideas about interesting collaborations!